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Does My Upgraded Mac Void the Warranty (for custom configured Macs only)?

Thank you for your interest in our upgraded products. Your upgraded Mac does not void it’s warranty.  The standard Apple warranty covers hardware defects and software assistance. Our upgrades are installed using Apple procedures with no component impacting the Apple hardware (i.e. overclocking, excessive power loading etc..) 

Since hardware defects are what's covered with the unit, we would ask if you purchased an upgraded system, for you to contact us if you have a problem. We can test the system to determine if there is indeed a warranty event. In most cases the Apple standard warranty will cover these events however sometimes Apple may ask that we restore the system to the original configuration for diagnostic purposes. We can do that as well for you.  You’re protected by the Magnuson–Moss Act (1975)

In addition to the standard Apple warranty, we include a 1 year workmanship warranty. The upgrade components also include their respective warranties as well, RAM- lifetime, SSDs and Flash products- 5 years, HDD -2 years.


Furthermore, our Macs are AppleCare eligible which means you can purchase extended warranty to 3 years total. We can assist you with that as well.

What is the Magnuson Moss Act?

This consumer protection is owed to the little known Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act of 1975. Put simply, the act states that a company can’t require you to upgrade with only its own branded parts to retain the warranty. This important act protects your rights as a consumer and allows us to install upgrades for you with peace of mind confidence.

However, the warranty doesn’t cover any damage incurred while installing upgrades which is why FastMacs is where you should buy your upgraded fast Mac. 


Note: Although FastMacs upgrades do not void your warranty, sometimes we may be asked to remove them for diagnostic purposes, before taking a system that is under warranty into Apple for service.  We can assist with this request.  The reasoning is that Apple does not track non-factory configurations and cannot be held responsible for lost 3rd party components. And while the service technicians usually will remove and give you your own parts back, it has happened where after a machine is sent out for service, the upgrade that we installed is found and removed with the stock configuration component instead in its place. So, when you do have a system still under Apple warranty or that’s being serviced under an Apple recall, you may be asked and it may be prudent to restore it back to stock or as close to original configuration as possible prior to providing the system.  Contact us in the event this happens.

Do You Charge Sales Tax?

Local sales tax only applies to residents of Florida.  We collect local sales tax (7.00%) on purchases that are delivered in the state of Florida only.

What form of payment do you accept?

We accept all major credit cards processed through PayPal, our payment processor.  You do not need to have a PayPal account for payment.  Simply choose "Checkout As Guest"and you can complete your payment with the credit card of your choice.

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